Small museums increasingly victimised by theft

Art objects are worth a lot. This make them attractive to thieves. They increasingly rob art from smaller museums. VCS Observation optimally secures your museum. Read more about our effective solutions.

Security in a small museum is often not as good as in larger museums. As a result, a small museum is often a victim of theft. You can take different types of measures to improve the security of your museum.


  • Organisational measures: these are measures related to the organisation of security and the physical deployment of security personnel. An example is: access control.
  • Electronic measures: consider an intrusion detection system or CameraToezicht. This system is preferably connected to a private control room. If the camera detects a burglar, the control room takes immediate action.


Besides taking the above measures, you can also spot a thief yourself. There are a number of signs for this.

  • Aberrant behaviour (around the building), such as inspecting cameras.
  • Visitors entering unauthorised area.
  • Setting off alarm systems, such as a fire alarm. This allows the thief to test the response (time) of the security personnel.


VCS offers you with CameraToezicht an accessible way to make secure your museum. It is one of the most effective ways of security. There are often many visitors in a museum, which sometimes makes deviant behaviour less noticeable. VCS cameras detect deviant behaviour and immediately notify the control room. This allows you to take appropriate and timely action. The video images also provide additional evidence. It also increases your visitors’ sense of security.

Acces control

VCS also provides access control. Professional access control contributes to greater security for your museum. This is possible in the form of tags, access passes, facial recognition, codes and/or an intercom.

Access control allows only authorised people to access a certain area, such as employees. It prevents visitors from entering an unauthorised area. You also have insight into who is at your site at what time.

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