EnergySecure: for a conclusive security process

The energy transition is the talk of the day. You have probably also already invested in a solar farm, energy storage system, charging plaza and/or wind turbines for your company. Good security is important. With EnergySecure, VCS Observation takes care of the complete security of your sustainable energy systems.

The energy transition brings new security issues. For example, solar farms are regularly victims of (copper) theft. Fires can occur in energy storage and battery systems. And vandalism regularly takes place at wind turbines.

It costs a lot of money when you face this. The loss of income is great, as breakdowns cost a lot of money. With EnergySecure, you avoid this. With it, we take care of security, and much more. We connect the cameras, control rooms, alarm systems, sensors and monitoring – and realise a conclusive process for your organisation. We take responsibility for the entire security and offer you a single point of contact and reporting procedure.


VCS is the one-stop-shop for renewable energy system security. Innovative technology helps security guards do their job. And we unburden you with a complete approach.

From physical security measures and the response organisation, cameras and control room services, to insurance against damage and theft and any claim settlement.

Some of our services:

  • EnergySecure realises camera security with a combination of thermal and controllable cameras, equipped with AI functionalities.
  • We link the cameras to a (private) control room of your choice or to our own EnergySecure control room.
  • We train operators on the proper use of our camera systems and ensure proper management of security guards.
  • We arrange key management and we make sure we can remotely open any gate on the dashboard.
  • We insure the risks and arrange any claims handling.

Own control room

At EnergySecure, we have our own private control room (PAC), with live links to the police. This allows the police or mobile surveillance to follow up on the call immediately.

Waterproof protection

With EnergySecure, VCS realises a strong security concept for all your energy systems. We choose the right materials and projection, and have an eye for affordability. Think also of radar systems, fencing detection and ground sensors.

Preventive maintenance

We ensure that your systems always work optimally. We do this by performing preventive maintenance. We perform periodic inspection on the components in the camera chain. Is there a malfunction? Then we fix it according to a clear procedure.

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Would you like more information about EnergySecure? And about our comprehensive approach to securing your energy systems? Contact Carel ten Horn at e-mail or call 0416 54 10 10. Interested in a consultation? You can, contact us using the details above. We will be happy to visit you.



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