Making your policies for increased security workable. Together

At VCS we also develop tailor-made solutions for your specific issue. We are your partner for everything related to camera technology and safety. We have all the necessary expertise related to camera surveillance, video management systems, infrastructure, and IT in house. We have our own department for software development.
In cooperation with our clients, VCS has developed innovative products and implemented them successfully.
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All expertise in-house

Cocreation is a core concept in our organization. We develop innovative products and services together with our clients. This is how we achieve steering information for you. Tell us your objective and we provide you with the right camera and software solutions, or advice if you so desire.
BabyWatch is a good example of an implemented solution. CoppWeb, our highly successful task system for control rooms, is also the result of cocreation.
As a policymaker, we help you to achieve results. For example, on topics such as subversion, street safety, housing policy, liveability, and air quality.

Social responsibility

Our ambition is to make the world a safer place. And a little greener, cleaner and more diverse. Because in doing so, we also create a liveable environment. We stand for an integer and inclusive organisation and we actively involve colleagues and partners in a more sustainable way of working.
Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We work on circularity, we reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We bring sustainability and social responsibility to the attention of colleagues, suppliers and customers.
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Smart (co)operation

We only supply cameras from manufacturers that provide parts for repairs, even far beyond the production date. We focus on longer life spans through (preventive) maintenance and repairs. We carry out checks and minor repairs on site, in our preparation room.
Our vehicle fleet is almost entirely electric. Even the work buses. As a result, our employees drive around emission-free. Our mechanics drive around in a Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo. They work all over the country.

Proof of concept

VCS likes to contact interested parties to develop a proof of concept of innovative solutions with video management technology. This way we both experience how IT contributes to your results. The proof of concept involves a test setup for a specific department, team, or employee population.

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