CoppWeb and TikIn

From incident to insight: advanced task system for control rooms

In your control room, observers record incidents from streaming video. CoppWeb analyses all entered data and identifies risk areas. This intelligent information system shows where extra surveillance is needed. Moreover, the system prescribes the right actions in case of incidents.
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Quick to configure

CoppWeb can be configured quickly and integrated into your existing systems. It is flexibly adaptable to your user requirements. All data entered can be extracted flexibly from CoppWeb as management information.
TikIn also offer extensive reporting possibilities. This makes the effectiveness of supervision measurable and declarable. TikIn functions in accordance with the administrative penalty order with Mulder facts, municipal GDPR and warnings.

TikIn: mobile incident reporting

TikIn is a collective name for several mobile applications. One of the mobile applications is the mobile version of CoppWeb. It allows the enforcer on the street to register incidents in the same way as CoppWeb in the control room.
The reports end up in the same (software) environment as CoppWeb. This ensures you have complete and carefully registered reports, including evidence. A smooth work process, easy and fast. Less administrative burden.

How it works

CoppWeb gives the observer targeted lookout commands. These are generated with a special algorithm (video content analysis). CoppWeb also predicts incidents and undesirable situations, making them preventable.
CoppWeb makes the work of your observers more effective. This intelligent information system provides insight into areas where extra surveillance is needed. It also makes the effectiveness of CameraToezicht measurable and billable.
CoppWeb also has a mobile version, one of the applications within TikIn. With TikIn, enforcers and supervisors report violations and incidents on the road, via an app. For complete and carefully recorded reports.

Working (together) sustainably

For us, sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We work on circularity, we reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We bring sustainability and social responsibility to the attention of colleagues, suppliers and customers.
We also see on our monitoring platform exactly where the disruption is in the chain. This allows us to send our field service engineers on location in a very targeted way. This, too, saves kilometres driven and thus energy consumption.
Social responsibility

CoppWeb analyses and alerts

Why CoppWeb is the answer

  • patented software
  • compatible with any video management system
  • for e.g. municipalities, hospitals, car parks, police
  • makes the effectiveness of camera surveillance measurable and billable
  • provides insight into observer performance
  • alerts the observer to risks (feedback system)
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