FieldOptimizer for municipalities

Data-driven sports field management: get more out of your sports facilities

Municipalities face the social task of encouraging residents to play more sports. We want to make sports more accessible and make smarter use of existing sports facilities, for example by using sports fields more intensively. With FieldOptimizer, you can manage your sports fields effectively, with lower management costs.
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Why FieldOptimizer?

FieldOptimizer provides detailed insight into sports field use and wear. Managing and allocating sports facilities is simplified and optimized significantly. The data from FieldOptimizer also delivers a wealth of steering information for effective sports policies. In addition, FieldOptimizer brings and keeps natural grass in perfect condition.

Less frequent need for artificial turf

When a natural grass field is in optimal condition, there is a reduced need for artificial turf. This prevents the harmful (environmental) effects of artificial turf: more heating and water waste, and more costly maintenance. Just a single artificial turf field less delivers substantial savings for municipalities.

How does it work?

So what do we actually know about our sports facilities? When and how often are they used? Are there (better) alternatives to the ways in which they are currently used? Using sensors, VCS provides data as to the use of sports fields, in compliance with AVG and BIO legislation.
  • We install an intelligent camera sensor at a sports field. This sensor is programmed to recognize and record persons and objects anonymously.
  • By installing soil sensors, you can measure matters such as moisture and salt content in the soil of sports fields.

Optimal insight

  • Strategic (including management and public administration)
    You get objective steering information for strategic decisions, such as expanding and/or downsizing sports fields’ capacity by district/urban area.
  • Tactical (including policy staff and administrators)
    You can deploy municipal assets with more purpose and to plan and schedule maintenance more effectively.
  • Operational (including maintenance workers)
    You can see the availability and location of assets in real time. You also always know which parts of a sports field need (extra) maintenance.
Elektrische werkbus van VCS bij locatie Lijnden (Amsterdam)

Working (together) sustainably

Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We work on circularity, we reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We bring sustainability and social responsibility to the attention of colleagues, suppliers and customers.
Our vehicle fleet is almost entirely electric. Even the work buses. As a result, our employees drive around emission-free. Our mechanics drive around in a Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo. They work all over the country.
Social responsibility

FieldOptimizer for natural grass fields

Optimising maintenance (field sensors)

Field sensors in the soil measure moisture, temperature, and salt concentration (nutrition in the soil). This provides you with control information to keep natural grass fields in optimal condition. Optimal condition means that 50% extra use is possible.

Knowing what is happening (camera sensors)

The camera sensors accurately map when and how a sports field is being used. This provides insight into the condition of the field, simplifies management and the allocation of sports facilities, and provides insights for defining your sports policy.

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