Mobile camera surveillance

Bring acute threats into focus, at any location

VCS can place a temporary camera with mobile internet connection at almost any location. This is extremely effective for timely visualisation of acute threats, such as aggression or vandalism.
Mobile camera surveillance helps municipalities to nip recurring nuisance in the bud in a specific location. Think of noisy loitering youths or pickpockets. But it can also be used for monitoring high-risk objects, for example.
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Mobile Camera Surveillance

How does it work?

Mobile camera units can be placed anywhere. The temporary camera is powered by a battery or, for instance, via the power from a lamppost.
There is an effective solution for every environment:
  • Mobile camera unit (with or without mast)
  • Bodycams
  • 4G/5G router and point-to-(multi)point
  • Linking with VMS

Why mobile camera surveillance is the answer

Mobile camera units enable you to catch any (crime) problems that occur in the city on camera. To capture sudden threats on time, such as terrorism and aggression.
They may use existing city infrastructure such as light poles. If no city infrastructure is available, a variant with an integrated mast can be chosen.

Working (together) sustainably

For us, sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We work on circularity, we reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We bring sustainability and social responsibility to the attention of colleagues, suppliers and customers.
Our vehicle fleet is almost entirely electric. Even the work buses. As a result, our employees drive around emission-free. Our mechanics drive around in a Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo. They work throughout the country.
Social responsibility

4G/5G router for communication

The mobile camera unit has a 4G/5G router for communication purposes. The data collected is encrypted and stored internally. Via a point-to-point connection, we guarantee reliable communication over distances of up to 30 km with private bandwidth. A public 4G/5G network is therefore not needed.

For your organisation

All cameras can be integrated into existing video management systems via encryption. The images can be dispatched to security chain partners.
Bodycams can be integrated into the camera chain. VCS is a supplier of various brands of bodycams.
The unit is equipped with an internal battery management system. If a unit needs to be deployed for more than 48 hours, the unit can be linked to a light tower to recharge the batteries.
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