Make de-escalation more likely. Catch culprits in the act more frequently and more quickly.

VCS Observation delivers camera systems in combination with customized software, for specific applications in ports and airports and other sites. With our camera systems, VCS helps to prevent vandalism, smuggling or even terrorism. We also contribute to process improvements.
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The family business VCS Observation is driven by its mission of working together for a safe and liveable society with state-of-the-art technology. We deploy video management technology effectively for our customers. We provide relevant advice. In public and private spaces and in healthcare. We are the market leader in the Netherlands in this space.
We deliver 360-degree solutions for safety and liveability. Tailor-made. Together with you, based on long-term sustainable cooperation.

Featured products

  • Camera surveillance

    VCS’ camera systems support your daily operations. Among other things, our cameras record the loading and unloading of ships and make the process transparent to operators. Thanks to our systems, operators can implement improvements remotely. The result: greater safety and a more efficient process.

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  • Smart cameras

    Smart cameras
    The 'smart city' has become indispensable in public spaces. The basis for this are smart cameras. It is often thought that these solutions are only available for (large) cities. That is not true. Smart cameras also offer numerous opportunities for transport companies.

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  • Mobile camera surveillance

    VCS can place a temporary camera with mobile Internet connection at virtually any location. This is extremely effective for timely visualization of acute threats, such as theft or vandalism. They can also be used for additional surveillance and monitoring high-risk objects.

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For us, sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We work on circularity, we reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We bring sustainability and social responsibility to the attention of colleagues, suppliers and customers.
Our vehicle fleet is almost entirely electric. Even the work buses. As a result, our employees drive around emission-free. Our mechanics drive around in a Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo. They work throughout the country.
Social responsibility
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