Protect your systems against cyber attacks

The failure of your systems can have major consequences. But consider what the damage could be if systems are hacked. In that case, sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands or systems can be held hostage, with all the consequences that entails. VCS makes you more resilient against digital threats and vulnerabilities.
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Why cybersecurity is essential

From virus to security breach: failing systems can have major consequences at institutions such as municipalities, public transport companies and museums. All chain partners lean on VCS Observation's technology, which is why we make sure the cybersecurity of our systems is optimal. Find out how we ensure the security of your systems.

Ethical hacker

To ensure the security of your systems, VCS Observation works with a so-called ethical hacker. Ethical hackers, also called white hat hackers, ensure that you are always one step ahead of hackers with malicious intentions.
• An ethical hacker can use penetration tests to uncover possible vulnerabilities in the systems supplied by VCS Observation.
• He or she tests whether certain systems can be penetrated - without causing damage. Purely to discover bugs or leaks preventively.

Vulnerability scans

We also offer vulnerability scans to identify vulnerabilities and cover them. These are scans that scan your entire system and actively look for ways to invade your system.
  • Periodic scanning ensures up-to-date cybersecurity of your systems.
  • This is because rogue hackers have access to the latest systems and gadgets.
  • By staying up-to-date, you don’t give them a chance to do damage in your systems.

For your organisation

VCS Observation is your partner in the field of reliability, maintenance, and repair, and when it comes to security. Curious about what an ethical hacker or our vulnerability scans can do for your cybersecurity? Then get in touch with us. We are here to solve your most pressing security challenges.

Essential security

VCS Observation provides essential systems for improving security and liveability in the Netherlands. In recent years, cybersecurity has become increasingly important in this respect. It is no longer just about reliability of our systems, but also about security. VCS helps protect the Netherlands digital infrastructure against cyber-attacks.

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