Video management technology for security and liveability

VCS deploys video management technology effectively for clients. We provide relevant advice. In public and private spaces and healthcare. We deliver customized, 360-degree solutions for security and liveability. From a wealth of experience with well-known customers, such as large municipalities, transport companies, manufacturers, and hospitals.
Social responsibility

For your organization

Municipalities and governments

Ensuring safety and liveability with camera technology


Safety and process optimization for your daily operation.

Transport companies

Take your camera surveillance and security to the next level.


Focus on your patients. Even greater safety and on-site comfort.

Sector zonnepark
Solar farms

Prevent damage and ensure continuity with intelligent camera surveillance.


De-escalation is more likely. Catch culprits in the act more frequently and more quickly.


Real-time insight into security. Protect people and (art) objects


Because reactive camera surveillance is not foolproof.

Cameratoezicht in de bouwsector

Safety is a priority. Permanent surveillance with less manpower.

Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical industry

The essential move to intelligent camera systems


Smart technology for safety and process improvement


24/7 smart camera surveillance that supports your staff

Business parks
Business parks

Protect people and property. Install maximum visibility on-site.