Sustainable cooperation with our suppliers

In addition to sustainable cooperation with clients, VCS strives for sustainable partnerships with its suppliers. We consciously choose hardware and software manufacturers who work only with open sources and available SDKs. We develop our innovative solutions together.
We supply a wide range of applications from various camera manufacturers. Importantly, we only supply cameras from manufacturers that provide parts for repairs, even far beyond the production date. Bosch and Axis, for example, are well known for this.
Social responsibility

Our partners

System Links

To take video management, incident recording and reporting to the next level, we developed the CoppWeb information management system. This interfaces with the Genetec Security Centre VMS based on the available SDK.
• We have delivered successful projects with Bosch IVA, AgentVI, Robovision and Axis Perimeter Defender in combination with Genetec and coupled with the CoppWeb IMS.
• We have also linked individual systems with Federation (Genetec).
• Furthermore, VCS has linked numerous third-party systems for the larger camera surveillance centres in the Netherlands.

Certified professionals

Our project and service organization consists of certified professionals. Our project experts are PD-VSS certified.
Our support, field and project engineers have certifications from Axis, Bosch, Genetec and Milestone, among others. Associated training is part of our annual plan. We are also certified with these manufacturers as a company.
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