24/7 smart camera surveillance that supports your staff

Preventing theft and vandalism, working safely with hazardous materials or even countering terrorism. Reactive camera surveillance is not foolproof. That's why VCS Observation implemented CameraSurveillance for several companies. 24/7 smart camera surveillance that in part takes on the job of busy staff.

Why you should choose VCS

The family business VCS Observation is driven by its mission of working together for a safe and liveable society with state-of-the-art technology. We deploy video management technology effectively for our customers. We provide relevant advice. In public and private spaces and in healthcare. We are the market leader in the Netherlands in this space.
We deliver 360-degree solutions for safety and liveability. Tailor-made. Together with you, based on long-term sustainable cooperation.

Featured products

  • CameraSurveillance

    Intelligent cameras recognize objects and people. With a combination of thermal cameras and controllable cameras, CameraSurveillance brings every intruder into focus, even at night. Common (-looking) traffic can also be monitored purposefully, by ANPR license plate registration cameras.

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  • Video management system

    Take CameraSurveillance and security to the next level with a smart video management system (VMS). Cameras collect data; the VMS collates the data appropriately and responds to triggers. This increases the chance of catching culprits in the act and helps you protect people and property.

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  • Mobile camera surveillance

    VCS can place a temporary camera with mobile Internet connection at virtually any location. This is extremely effective for timely visualization of acute threats, such as aggression or vandalism. In addition, the cameras can be used for personal security and monitoring high-risk objects.

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