Solar farms

Prevent damage and ensure continuity

Solar farms are increasingly targeted by thieves and vandals. Because of the valuable solar panels and often remote locations. Have you invested in a solar farm? Then you want security to be guaranteed. So that you are not harmed by theft or vandalism, and you are assured of continuity. VCS Observation guarantees security for your solar farm through camera surveillance.
Our security cameras are high quality and offer 24/7 surveillance. We have extensive experience with camera surveillance at solar farms and offer tailor-made solutions. Our team of experts provides installation and maintenance of the cameras.

Copper theft

Solar farms are particularly prone to copper theft. Criminals break into the premises and steal as many copper pipes as possible. The damage caused by copper theft can be very expensive as the damage goes beyond the copper pipes that need to be replaced. You will incur damage due to:
  • Destruction during the burglary
  • Repair work: this can take several days
  • Interruption of continuity: one or more solar panels do not function, so you generate less or no power

Smart cameras

Our cameras can be set up in various ways. For example, you can mark out areas within which people are allowed to enter. Has the camera seen someone walking in an area at a time when they should not be there? Then the monitoring station receives a signal immediately and allows you to intervene straight away. So that your solar farm suffers as little damage as possible.
Our experts place cameras at strategic locations, such as the entrance, along the fence and on top of pylons. So that you get a complete overview of the site. We also place cameras capable of recognising number plates, identifying people and registering movement. Thanks to modern technologies such as infrared scanning and thermal cameras, you also have visibility in bad weather and low light. These cameras are always connected directly to a (private) control room.


Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We work on circularity, we reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. We bring sustainability and social responsibility to the attention of colleagues, suppliers and customers.
Our vehicle fleet is almost entirely electric. Even the work buses. As a result, our employees drive around emission-free. Our mechanics drive around in a Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo. They work all over the country.

Guaranteeing compensation

Our technology complies with the strict requirements of most insurers, so that your compensation is guaranteed in case of damage. Our alarm centre is manned 24/7 and ensures that the right action is taken immediately in case of a report.
Our maintenance and service team ensures that your security system always works optimally, and any malfunctions are remedied swiftly.

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