Access control in healthcare

Achieve greater security and comfort at your locations

You are looking for a practical solution for access management of your location(s) and departments. A solution that contributes to security within your healthcare facility - and delivers greater comfort for employees, patients, and visitors. Our solution puts you at the forefront of building management of the future.
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Access control in healthcare

Privacy-proof access control with facial recognition

Discover our practical solution for access control in healthcare. A solution that:
  • prevents contamination and prevents the risk of spreading infections.
  • contributes to physical safety and information security within your organization.
  • realizes more accommodation comfort for your employees and visitors.

How it works

Access control through facial recognition combines contactless access control with remote authentication and verification. Our solution is privacy-proof: facial recognition is done via the user's own smartphone, not via cameras.
The user's smartphone thus replaces the classic tag (card or drop).

For your organization

Access management via facial recognition contributes to increased security for your organization because:
  • no one can pretend to be someone else (as with an access pass).
  • no risk of ‘borrowed’ keys, drops, passes, or codes.
  • their own smartphones employees always have with them.
  • far more hygienic than access with a fingerprint or code, for example.

Why you should choose access management with facial recognition

  • Access management through facial recognition increases reliability, simplifies the facilities process and enhances the organization’s image.
  • With access management through facial recognition, you are at the forefront of building management of the future.
  • It allows you to set up lightning-fast, contactless access management to locations.
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